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St. Louis City 22nd Circuit Court

Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM (due to skeleton crew, office may close early) excluding Holidays.

  • Circuit Clerk Family Court: 314-622-4323

  • Assistant Circuit Clerk: 314-622-4337

How to Reach an Advocate:

COPA advocate: 314-666-0180 (call/text M-F 8:30a – 4:30p)

Complete the Order of Protection Online: To begin, once you have navigated to the Order of Protection page, click on either an Adult or Child Order of Protection. Then, under “Complete the Order of Protection” they will see a PDF file for an Adult Order of Protection, and a PDF file for a Child Order of Protection.

  1. Once it has opened, save it to their computer.

  2. Once it has been saved, open the file on their computer and fill in all appropriate information to complete the petition. NOTE: Petitioners should be aware that a copy of the Order of Protection and all information written on it will be given to the Respondent when they are served. Consequently, it is important to reach out to an advocate to understand how to fill out the information in such a way as to keep things like their address confidential.

  3. Once the petitioner has filled out the petition, save it to computer by clicking on File, then Save from the menu. You can also right click on the either icon below and select “Save target as” to save the file to your desktop.

If unable to submit the petition online, they may visit the courthouse at 10 N Tucker Blvd, St. Louis, Missouri. Petitioner may submit petition directly to the Court online by completing the form on the website.

Submit the Order of Protection To submit Order of Protection petition(s) online, Petitioner must first register for a secure account through the State of Missouri’s Courts’ website at the bottom of this page .

Please note: The Petitioner will receive a confirmation email once they have registered. After Petitioner confirms their email address, they will be able to submit an email to the Court using an email address they will send Petitioner. Make sure to attach the order of protection packet they have filled out and saved to their computer.

How to request Remote Hearing

Remote hearings will be automatically assigned when they are given their paperwork. There should be a sheet with instructions on this. If for some reason one party can NOT participate in the remote hearing, they themselves must reach out to the courts at least 3 days prior to the scheduled hearing to inform the court.

Need to Know Information Specific to this Court

  • plan to be at the court about 30-45 min after a petition is submitted in person.

  • when answering question 11, know that you can add blank, one-sided, computer paper if you need more space.

  • the judge wants to know anything that has happened in the last 3 months FIRST. After that has been explained, you can mention anything prior to that time period that you see relevant

  • if you need to keep your address confidential, there are only 2 places that you would not want to list it on the Adult petition. The first is on number 15, under the check box “entering the dwelling of Petitioner located at” and the second on page “4 of 4” where it asks for your signature and a date. You do not have to list any other information aside from the date and your signature on the bottom half of that page. ALL other places that ask for your address – please list it as that is required for the court.

  • if you and your respondent have been living together, even if they have recently left but still have personal items in the home, you have the right to request a Put-Out. This is an official order by the judge saying that this person cannot come to the home at anytime for the duration of the order, and if they need to retrieve items from the home, that they would need to coordinate with police to do so. Here are the steps:

    • make sure to list the shared address as the Respondents address anywhere the form is asking for it.

    • fill out the additional “Put-Out” form

    • IF your put-out is granted, make sure to come to your court hearing with a specific date and time that you want the Respondent to come move larger items. The judge can order this in the full order of protection.

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