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Joint Orientation Training (JOT)

Information about registration for upcoming JOT sessions will be available here.

Through a collaborative agency effort, Joint Orientation Training (JOT) was created to offer an introduction to the field of domestic and sexual violence service provision through comprehensive, up to date training for interns, therapists, advocates, and staff that are entering the field of domestic and sexual violence prevention.


Joint Orientation Training consists of several sessions that provide an initial overview of The Dynamics of Domestic and Sexual Violence, Advocacy and Empowerment, and Trauma Stewardship and Self-Care. Joint Orientation offers participants the chance to meet and network with others going into the field and to deepen their understanding of these important issues.

Joint Orientation is offered three times a year; January, May, and September.


To learn more about what Joint Orientation offers or to learn how to sign up, please email the JOT Coordinator at

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