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Mar 08, 2022
In General SLEDSVN
Hello, My name is Clair Antoine, and I'm the new Lead Trainer & Consultant at St. Louis Anti-Violence Project (STLAVP). STLAVP is a non-profit specifically working to lend support to organizations in their journeys to be inclusive when offering services to LGBTQIA+ survivors of violence. As a follow-up to the most recent SLEDSVN meeting, I wanted to post my contact information and the STLAVP website. I can be reached directly at and our site is . Please feel free to reach out to me and STLAVP if you have any interest in or questions about our training and consulting services. Many organizations here are eligible to access our consulting or training services at no cost and I have slots available in my schedule for consulting as soon as the last week in March. Thank you for the work you all do and I'll look forward to the possibility of having many fruitful collaborations.